Tatami BW-08


The Tatami house uses many sustainable practices such as geothermal, stack effect ventilation, recycled sidewalk pavers, solar, prefabricated SIPS panels, and a unique heat recycling system based around the two wood burning heating stoves. The board form concrete boards were re-used in the eaves and all of the timber features came from an old shipping warehouse. The ceiling and concrete patterns are "genetic ladders" pulled from the owners family genetic thumbprint.

Tatami BW-09
Tatami BW-04
Tatami BW-05
The Tatami house was designed with Hufft and uses the traditional Japanese 3x6 Tatami mat to establish the scale and layout of the floorplan.


The restorative adaptation of this 1886 doctors home was a unique opportunity for Green Circle to break the boundaries of market rate economics and really focus on creativity, detail and character. The project consists of a modern add on, recreation of historical moldings, total renovation and replacement down to the studs, a lot of black paint, period specific furnishings and 3 wood fireplaces.